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Monday, March 19, 2012


When Genevieve first came into the world, she cried a lot.  Not surprising as she was a newborn, and that's what newborns do.  But as she grew older and began to temper slightly, Hannah and I waited in joyful hope for the best thing in the world to new parents: the smile.  We read books to find out when we might expect this small miracle, and kept our fingers crossed.  As the weeks progressed, we waited and waited, but all that seemed to look back at us were scowls and grimaces.  We began to lose hope.  

No matter how well her needs were met, no matter how much she was cuddled, swaddled, kissed, hugged, sung to, spoken to, fed, burped, carried, rocked, or left to nap, her only response was this:

But just as we had given up hope, when we thought all was lost, it happened!  She let forth the most beautiful thing we'd ever seen!  Our little girl has the most gorgeous and infectious smile ever, and I glow each and every time she does it.  Below are a couple photos of her smiling, I hope you enjoy!

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