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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bath Time!

OK, I pondered long and hard before making this post, but I couldn't resist.  About a week after Genevieve was born, we decided to give her her first bath.  Now because the umbilical stump had not yet fallen off, we couldn't submerge her in the water.  Instead we gave her a sponge bath on the kitchen counter.  My sister was there for the momentous occasion.  Seeing as it was her first bath, we had to document it somehow.  So I filmed the entire event.

Because we had to bath her in stages, I filmed three separate segments.  I won't bore you with the whole thing, but the last segment is priceless!  I must warn you though, if you're squeamish or weirded out by baby nudity, you might not want to watch.  (This disclaimer is primarily for Genevieve's great uncle Tracy)  Nonetheless, you've been warned.  Now enjoy!!

My poor sister was "in the line of fire" as they say.  Poor thing.  At any rate, after the bath, we wrapped her in her little ducky towel.  She looks so cute, but is screaming bloody murder!


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