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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Funny Faces

It has been said many times since Genevieve was born, that she favors her father with regard to looks.  While we find this to be quite true, we believe the resemblance stops there.  In the attitude department, she is definitely Hannah's daughter.   She stares very intently at things, appearing to try and figure out what they are.  She shows a genuine curiosity for everything in her little world, and is quite serious with her gaze.  Many times, she fusses when she is laid down because she wants to sit up to take in her surroundings.

However, we're not sure who she favors when she makes specific faces.  Now I know that during these first few formative months, the muscles in the face and neuro-pathways in the brain are just figuring out how to converse with each other.  So it's understandable that some interesting faces will occur.  That's all well and good, but some of the faces she makes are just priceless.  I'm sure I'll have to remove this before she starts dating, but these are too good not to share.  Enjoy!

"What are you looking at?"
"And I'm supposed to be entertained by this because..."

"Who said you could take my picture?" 

Please, no photos from this angle!" 
"Seriously, quit with the paparazzi!"
A la Jerry Lewis!

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